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It has been over one year since I found out I would be experiencing the single scariest and most life changing event of my life. It was September 2011 I was told I needed a life saving bone marrow transplant. It turned my life and my families’ lives upside down. It has changed us in more ways than I ever thought possible. My disease is Severe Aplastic Anemia also known as Bone Marrow Failure Disease, a disease that only affects 3 in 1 million people. It has been an uphill battle that I am determined to win. While some days are easier than others I do my best to stay positive and have faith in the doctors that take care of me. At times I felt like I couldn't go on but I did and it has shown me how very strong I am. It is because of the love and support of my family and friends that I get up in the morning and smile on even my hardest of days.

Throughout this long recovery one thing has become clear, sometimes I need to ask for help. Although it has always been a difficult thing for me to do, I am slowly coming to terms with it. Where as before it was physical assistance I needed I am now asking for help in a way I never thought I could, financial help. It has been a struggle financially for myself and my family throughout this entire process. When I became ill my mom had to leave her job to become my full time caretaker. I am burdened with the thoughts of the amount of debt I am in and the sacrifices my family has had to make. I have over $50,000 in medical bill debt. This organization, 'Hilary's Helpers' is myself asking anyone who can help, for help. Whatever you can give my appreciation is endless. As for the future, I hope to one day make Hilary's Helpers into an organization. One where I can help others going through what I have been through and take away some of the financial burden it comes with. Thank you for coming to my page and if you would like to reach out, I would love to hear from you. Here is a Link to my contact page.